28-06-2015 13:00

28th June - Jane Robson

Jane Robson from Kingswood Baptist Church

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21-06-2015 13:00

21st June - Alan Poole

Alan Poole speaks on Fathers Day and brings a message looking at the challenges of the End Times

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07-06-2015 13:00

7th June - Graham Clarke

Graham Clarke reflects on what it means to have Jesus as our head and the head of the church

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31-05-2015 13:00

31st May - Jen Sinfield from STEP

Jen Sinfield preaches from the story of Eli and Samuel as Samuel learns to hear the voice of God

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17-05-2015 13:00

17th May - Mike Palin

Mike Palin speaks to us and challenges us on where are our anchor points

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03-05-2015 13:00

3rd May - Jeremy Bottrill

Jeremy Bottrill preaches on what it means to be no longer slaves to fear, but adopted sons and daughters

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26-04-2015 13:00

26th April - Mark Buckley

Mark Buckley teaches us on fear and the disciples reaction to Jesus calming the storm

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05-04-2015 12:30

5th April 2015 - Dawn Brown

Dawn Brown delivers her final sermon at MBC, on Easter Day.

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