04-04-2021 12:24

Easter Sunday Service - In the Church Garden

Watch the highlights of our Easter Sunday Service which took place in the Church Garden and also on Zoom.


Watch here

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02-04-2021 12:21

Good Friday Service

Highlights from Our Good Friday service which was live on Zoom

Watch here

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30-03-2021 13:10

Sunday 28th March 2021 - Service on Zoom

Palm Sunday service via Zoom - highlights can be seen here 

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23-03-2021 14:57

Sunday 21st March 2021

The service wasn't recorded but here is an outline of the sermon:

Focus on Christ

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16-03-2021 12:48

Sunday 14th March 2021

Morning Service with Pam Ruffhead speaking on The Calling Of God

Highlights from the Live service on Zoom - watch here

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09-03-2021 14:01

Sunday 7th March 2021

Highlights from the Service on Zoom last Sunday 7th March 2021

New Sermon series theme: Focus

Part one Focus on the good - watch here

With Phillip Coffin preaching 

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23-02-2021 15:35

Sunday 21st February 2021

Here are some highlights from our Sunday morning Zoom service.


Watch here

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16-02-2021 14:53

Sunday 14th February 2021

Highlights from our Live Zoom service can be seen here


With Richard Palmer speaking about Love.

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11-02-2021 15:17

Sunday 7th February 2021

Here are some highlights from our Service on Zoom.

With Phillip Coffin - sermon theme - What Next - What's my purpose

Watch here

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26-01-2021 15:20

Sunday 24th January 2021 - Zoom service

Please find here the sermon which was recorded at our live Zoom Service on Sunday.


Message theme - What's next with Phillip Coffin

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