Sundays at MBC

Here is an overview of our regular Sunday gatherings.

Sunday worship

Every Sunday we gather together to worship, from babies to seniors and everyone in between, from 10:30am.  We run an active Sunday Class for years Reception – Yr 6. We are a growing congregation offering a warm welcome to all and always enjoy refreshments served before we leave.

Which Sunday
Service name
1st Sunday of the month      Sunday Worship
2nd Sunday of the month iChurch & Night Light
3rd Sunday of the month Sunday Worship & Fuel Youth Service
4th Sunday of the month Sunday Worship
5th Sunday of the month Sunday Worship



On the second Sunday morning of each month we have iChurch this has replaced 'Messy Church'.


As before we meet in the church hall around tables with bacon and sausage sandwiches being derved from 10.15am. It is a good service for all our friends and neighbours to attend.

Night Light

ladybird on jeans

On the second Sunday evening of each month a quiet and reflective service from 7pm – 7:45pm.

A peaceful opportunity to connect with God and prepare for the week.  Meditate on God’s Word, listen to Him speaking to your heart, take time to slow down from the busy life you lead.  All are welcome.