April 2017

30-04-2017 12:30

30th April - Andy Godfrey

Rev Andy Godfrey gives a sermon on the disciples on the road to Emaeus, who met the risen Lord, but did not recognise him. (Luke Chap. 24 vv 13-35)

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23-04-2017 12:30

23rd April - David Spurdle (Standby Me)

David Spurdle from the Christian Charity Standby Me preaches and gives a presentation on the work of the Charity

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16-04-2017 12:30

16th April - Adrian Bagg

Adrian Bagg gives an Easter day sermon on the Empty Tomb

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14-04-2017 21:16

26th March 2017 - Mike Palin

Mikes gives a sermon on Mothers Day entitled "Belief in Battle" - about the miracle of raising Lazarus.

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