Aims and vision

A church with God's heart in the heart of our village

Markyate Baptist Church (M.B.C.) has a vision to be a ‘church without walls’ in our village community.  We try to offer Christian love, hospitality and acceptance to all. 

Situated right in the heart of Markyate village, the origins of our church can be traced back to the 17th Century.  However, by the end of the 20th Century the membership of the church had declined to just 8 people.  Bold decisions of faith were made to sell land, purchase a manse and invite a part time minister to take up post. 

Phillip Coffin has now been the minister of the church since April 2018. Now with a membership of around 40, Markyate Baptist Church continues to be known and respected in our village for being friendly, inviting and innovative.

Looking back we know God has blessed us and been faithful.  God has graciously provided for our improved building facilities.  And now as we look to the future, we believe God will continue to work through us by His Holy Spirit to show His great love for our community.